Stunt Co-ordinators

Contrary to popular belief the work of the Stunt Co-ordinator involves careful research into the action required and recces of the locations selected by the director before engaging the specialist Stunt Performers whose ability and experience best suit them for the particular task.

During the shooting of action sequences the Stunt Co-ordinatorís primary responsibility is to reduce the risk and ensure the safety of all those involved.

The following Stunt Co-ordinators are available to provide CineMasters classes. For a list of credits, courtesy of IMDb, please click on the link.

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  Jim Dowdall Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Bergerac* IMDb Credits
  Nick Gillard Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Broken Glass, The Bill IMDb Credits
  Steve Griffin Shopping, The Young Visitors, The Last Legion IMDb Credits
  Bill Weston Tales from the Crypt*; Brazil IMDb Credits
  Paul Weston New Tricks*; Dragonheart IMDb Credits

*some episodes only