CineMasters Services

CineMasters offers the following talks and Masterclasses:

Creative and Media Diploma

CineMasters are available to schools and colleges involved in the film element of the Creative and Media Diploma. They can talk either about their own particular craft, offering guidance for students developing projects as part of their course work, or about the way the departments and crafts work together to create the final, on-screen, product.

The knowledge and experience of the CineMasters could make a real difference to students' understanding of the world of movie-making

Undergraduate Classes

Any tutor or lecturer at a college or university outside the SkillSet Screen Academy network can get help from the CineMasters. Cinemasters can add an extra dimension to courses by introducing students to craft skills and disciplines not covered in depth because of their highly specialised nature.

These talks are designed for students who have already decided that this is the industry they want to devote their life to; the CineMasters can provide information and guidance on how to develop their skills and make their way in the industry – as well as a few cautionary tales along the way.

They can also give all students an overview of how a film crew works, in the studio or on location, what the various jobs within the craft departments actually do, and what information every craftsperson needs to know about the other crafts on the production to enable everyone on the crew to contribute to the finished movie.

They will also answer questions from the students on their particular concerns relative to the industry.

Postgraduate Masterclasses and Professional Masterclasses

These talks are designed for new graduates from Film Schools, workers in the industry or lecturers on film courses.

The CineMasters can talk in detail about recent developments in the industry that affect either the way the members of the crafts work together on productions or in their own specialist departments.

These Masterclasses will follow a more “open” format, with less speaking from the platform and a longer Question and Answer session, to enable inter-action between the speaker and those attending.

General Interest Talks

These talks are designed to explain to people who are interested in film, or a career in film, but not particularly knowledgeable about the process of film making exactly how a movie goes from script to screen – and all the stages in between.

What do all those strange sounding titles on credits actually mean?

What does each department or craft contribute to the film?

How do all the departments, and parts of a film crew fit together?

And on the lighter side, the speakers will give the audience a real “feel” of what it is like to work in the most fascinating, frustrating and fulfilling industry in the world.

Specialist Equipment Technical Classes

These talks are designed for engineering or technical students on vocational or technical courses in the electronics, electrical engineering or computer industries.

They will include information on how the equipment is designed and works; the maintenance required, and the skills that could be of value in the film industry.

The film industry relies heavily on its technical experts, and continuing technical development. These classes will elaborate on how students working in these disciplines could have a career in the film industry.

Demonstrations and overviews of available types of equipment

Specialist technicians among the CineMasters are available to give demonstrations of equipment for working and trainee technicians in their craft area and general overviews for these technicians of equipment currently available and possibly in development.

Radio and Television Interviews

CineMasters are also available for radio and television interviews, for both specialist and general interest programmes.

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