Continuity Script Supervisors

The Continuity Script Supervisor 's multifunctional role centres around the script. The responsibilities of this job encompass a wide range of tasks: checking that the text is adhered to and is covered by all necessary camera angles; that the storyline remains in continuity; that actions, props and every other imaginable item included in a scene match and are appropriate. The input of the CSS, who is part of a team lead by the Director, helps to ensure that all elements of a scene work seamlessly together when edited.

The following Continuity Script Supervisors are available to provide CineMasters classes. For a list of credits, courtesy of IMDb, please click on the link.

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  Angela Allen First Knight; The Third Man (1949) IMDb Credits
  Marzenna Hiles The Tribe, I Want Candy, Magicians IMDb Credits
  Cheryl Leigh The Dark Crystal, Jeeves and Wooster, The Hills have Eyes IMDb Credits
  Suzy (Clegg) McGeachan Dracula (2006); Pride and Prejudice IMDb Credits
  Caroline Sax Highlander The Source; The Dresser IMDb Credits