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Leading Industry Figures

These are people who are eminent in many areas of the industry and therefore cannot be listed in any single category.

1st Assistant Director

The liaison between the director and line producer.

The 1st AD is in charge of organising the filming schedule and making sure that the crew cast and equipment needed on set are there - in the right place at the right time.

Maintains order on set and is totally responsible for all forms of organisation on set

TV producer and Director

In TV documentaries it is often the case that the Producer is also the Director, and the two roles are merged.

However the director's main area of responsibility is the overall creative vision of the piece ie the look, style, tone and feel while the producer's remit is to oversee the editorial content and the logistics of making the programme from start to finish, motivating and guiding the team throughout.

The producer oversees the identification of key contributors, locations, presenters and the team, as well as the budget, the schedule, any legal issues, and marketing the programme.

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Leading Industry Figures

  Sir Sydney Samuelson First British Film Commissioner - biographical interview IMDb Credits

First Assistant Directors

  Jonathan Eckersely Lewis, Lost in Austen, The History of Mr Polly IMDb Credits
  Gary White Rumpole's Return, Bliss, The Dwarves IMDb Credits

TV producer and Director

  Sue Brody Down the Line, Country Lives, Inside Out,