CineMasters is a new educational resource set up by the Cine Guilds of Great Britain to enable education professionals to contact specialist film and TV personnel to help educate and inspire the industry's upcoming talent.

You can check the professional credits and awards of the CineMasters who have agreed to join this scheme, and you can then book these industry leading professionals to come and talk to your students about their life and work or more specialist areas of their careers.

"CineMasters will give the next generation of 'new media' lecturers and students the most in-depth insight into the art of professional film and television production," said Joe Dunton, chair of Cine Guilds and Cinemasters, "between them the CineMasters represent thousands of years-worth of industry knowledge which must be passed on to maintain the UK as a leader in the international industry."

As well as being entertaining speakers CineMasters will give students a real "flavour" of life in a demanding and fascinating world - The Film Industry.

CineMasters was founded by the Cine Guilds of Great Britain to enable the Creative Craftspeople of the present-day Film and Television Industries to pass their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to the coming generation of film-makers.