Location Managers

The job of the Location Manager can be difficult, frustrating, tedious and exasperating, and all thatís likely to be within the same day. It can also be hugely exciting, deeply fulfilling, and get you into situations and experiences that few other humans would encounter. In short, thereís nothing else like it.

The Location Manager is the principal link between the production, the location and the public.

In brief, Location Managers research, find, set up, organise and sign off locations.

The following members of the Location Managers are available to provide CineMasters classes. For a list of credits, courtesy of IMDb, please click on the link.

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  Brian Bilgorri The Bill*; Doomsday Gun IMDb Credits
  Roland Caine Poirot*; Mrs Brown IMDb Credits
  Nick Daubeny Harry Potter Ė films 3 and 4; White Mischief IMDb Credits
  Fiona Francome Casualty*; Servants IMDb Credits
  Stan Fus Holby City*; The Alchemists IMDb Credits
  Mick Ratman Welcome to Sarajevo IMDb Credits
  Garance Rawinksy Goodnight Sweetheart; Treasure Seekers IMDb Credits
  Robbie Rayner The Bill*; Inspector Morse* IMDb Credits
  Leonora Sheppard Stills Shoot Specialist
  Malcolm Treen Nova*; Londonís Burning IMDb Credits

*some episodes only