Camera Department

A film camera crew consists of a Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Focus Puller, Loader and Grip. Everything that you see on screen, from lighting, through composition, focus and camera movement, is the direct responsibility of these five individuals.

Whilst the camera department maintains its hierarchy, it is the teamwork of a close knit crew which ensures each sequence is completed quickly and to the highest standard, also to the satisfaction of the director, before the material is handed to the editors

Cinematographer/Director of Photography

As the senior figure in the camera department, the Director of Photography is responsible for translating the 'feel' of the director's wishes onto the screen through the medium of light. More than anyone it is the Director of Photography who is responsible for the aesthetic look of any film, commencing with the overall lighting of a sequence, through to the final grading in post production

Camera Operator

The Camera Operator works closely with the director on the set to ensure that his wishes are technically represented on the screen. It is also the Camera Operator who liaises the most closely with the actors, as well as his own crew, to ensure that the finished shot is artistically and technically achieved

Focus Puller/1st Assistant Cameraman

As well as maintaining sharp focus throughout a shot this technician is responsible for making sure that the necessary camera equipment is always on hand as and when it is required, and as quickly as possible. He is also responsible for the testing and field maintenance of the camera equipment throughout the shoot.

Clapper Loader/2nd Assistant Cameraman

Loads the film/video and completes the camera report sheets. The Clapper Loader operates the clapper board, and when required will also operate the zoom during a shot, in conjunction with the Camera Operator and Grip.

Grips Department

Key Grip has a Grip Crew that consists of ‘The Best Boy’, ‘Dolly Grip’ and others, depending on how big or small the production is.

Key Grip - Works closely with the Director and Cameraman to achieve the shot they desire and act for the health and safety of the crew.

Best Boy - Responsible for ordering the correct equipment for the job in hand and backs up the Key Grip.

Dolly Grip - Should be able to work with grace and precision to move a Camera Dolly and work in perfect harmony with the Camera Operator and Actors

The following members of the Camera Department are available to provide CineMasters classes. For a list of credits, courtesy of IMDb, please click on the link.

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Director of Photography

  Alan Almond Red Cap; The Taming of the Shrew (2005) IMDb Credits
  Graham Banks The Face at the Window, Our Friends in the North, Mr Wroe's Virgins, IMDb Credits
  Philipp Blaubach Subterrain, Provenance, The Escapist IMDb Credits
  Ken Brinsley Holby City*; Monarch of the Glen IMDb Credits
  Julian Court Murder Mose Horrid, Lucky Jim, Ashes to Ashes IMDb Credits
  Simon Curtis The Other Loch Ness Monster IMDb Credits
  Joe Dunton Dance Craze IMDb Credits
  Michael Elphick Callan, Sherlock Holmes Sign of Four, All our Sins Remembered IMDb Credits
  Stephen Foote Who Killed Kirsty MacColl?, The Money Programme, Time Team IMDb Credits
  Sue Gibson Poirot (2006)*; Spooks* IMDb Credits
  Lawrence Jones In Denial of Murder, Alibi, My Beautifu Son IMDb Credits
  Jorge Luengas Casualty, Waking the Dead, Connecting IMDb Credits
  Alec Mills Living Daylights; The Rag Nymph IMDb Credits
  Franz Pagot Full Circle, String, Ocean of Fear IMDb Credits
  Kelvin Pike Anna Karenina; 2001–A Space Odyssey (cam operator) IMDb Credits
  David Read Revenge of Billy the Kid, Room 36, Corpse IMDb Credits
  Andrew Speller Jude, The Pleasure Principle, Empathy IMDb Credits
  Witold Stok Murphy’s Law; Silent Witness IMDb Credits
  Alan Trow Containment; Dragonworld IMDb Credits
  Robin Vidgeon City Lights*; Lady Chatterley (TV film) IMDb Credits
  John Walker The McGuffin; Miss Marple IMDb Credits**
  Paul Wheeler Cargo; Pride and Prejudice (1980) IMDb Credits

Camera Operator

  Peter Cavaciuti Aliens, The Full Monty, Vantage Point IMDb Credits
  Martin Foley The Daisy Chain, The Adventures of Greyfriars Bobby, Prime Suspect 6 IMDb Credits
  Mike Fox Dangerous Liaisons, Hope and Glory, The Shadow of the Vampire, Superman - The Movie IMDb Credits
  Chris Pinnock Longitude; The Far Pavilions IMDb Credits
  Peter Robertson Psychos; Notting Hill (steadicam) IMDb Credits
  Brian Rose Robin of Locksley, Totally Awesome, Supernatural IMDb Credits
  Peter Rowe Sri Lankan Challenge IMDb Credits
  Philip Sindall Sense and Sensibility (1995), Shakespeare in Love, Mr Bean's Holiday IMDb Credits
  David Worley V for Vendetta; Bridget Jones – the Edge of Reason IMDb Credits

Focus Puller

  John Bailie Dinotopia,Trial and Retribution, Churchill at War IMDb Credits
  Richard Bevan Murder on the Orient Express, Touch of Frost, The Marchioness Disaster IMDb Credits
  Mary Kyte Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Bend it like Beckham, Three and Out IMDb Credits
  Rod Marley The Remains of the Day, Gormenghast, The Magic Flute (2006) IMDb Credits
  Simon Mills Die Another Day; Pie in the Sky IMDb Credits
  Iwan Prys Reynolds Love, Honour and Obey, Joy Division, Ashes to Ashes IMDb Credits
  Martin Shepherd Kavanagh QC, Merlin, Fingersmith IMDb Credits
  Fran Weston The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, The Da Vinci Code, Jane Eyre (2006) IMDb Credits

Clapper Loader

  Louise Ben-Nathan Dalziell and Pascoe*; Legless IMDb Credits
  Nigel Seal The World is not Enough, The King and I, The Man Who Knew Yoo Little IMDb Credits
  Sam Smith Wind, Made of Honour, Churchill at War IMDb Credits


  Ray Hall Zulu Dawn, Die Another Day, Ladies in Lavender IMDb Credits
  Barry Read Mona Lisa, Tomorrow Never Dies, The Inspector Lynley Mysteries IMDb Credits

Specialist Camera - Aerial

  Simon Werry Planet Earth, Lessons in Darkness, The Nick IMDb Credits

*some episodes only

**IMDb credits incorrect, awaiting correction

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