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Cine Guilds of Great Britain
The Cine Guilds of Great Britain was set up in the early 1990s as a forum in which the crafts of the film industry could meet to discuss matters affecting themselves and the industry generally.
It brings together major craft guilds of the British Film Industry, thereby representing in excess of 1500 senior practitioners. Currently, its Constituent (member) Guilds are:

British Film Designers Guild
British Film Designers Guild
British Society of Cinematographers
Directors of Photography & Lighting Cameramen
Guild of British Camera Technicians
Camera Operators & Crew Script Supervisors
Guild of British Film & Television Editors
Film, Television & Sound Editors
Guild of Location Managers
Location Managers
Guild of Stunt & Action Co-ordinators
Stunt Co-ordinators
National Association of Screen Makeup Artists and Hairdressers
Hair and Makeup Artists & Designers

Neither the Directors' Guild nor the Writers' Guild is eligible for membership of the CGGB as both also act as trade unions for their members, which is a specific disqualification under the Constitution of the CGGB.
In recent years the Cine Guilds has maintained regular contact with government ministers (at DCMS), Film Council and Producers through both the Production Guild and the New Producers' Alliance and has had regular meetings and discussions with BECTU, Skillset and other film "craft" organisations.
Cine Guilds also works with Skillset to ensure that the latest standards for various grades in the industry more closely reflect the actual work done in the different sectors of film and television work.
Cine Guilds Initiatives
CineMasters - A project for working industry professionals. Working with BAFTA, CineMasters has set up the "Making Better Movies" events which are focussed on crafts and skills that are not taught at Film Schools and Screen Academies, demonstrating how they link in with those crafts that are taught.
Movie Crew UK - A website provided for the benefit of incoming productions, to enable them to contact experienced UK film professionals.